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Planning a birthday party?
Let us help you create special moments...

Polka Dot Party Pot brings you a unique experience for all those little ones, with themed party packs and banners, furniture and linen which will let you create the perfect event that your precious little one will remember for years to come.

Come into our store and have a look at a number of examples, let your imagination run wild, it will be worth it.

If you would like to find out more, ask us a question contact us and one of our friendly staff members will contact you and help you to plan that special event.

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Product     Price
Cakes & Cupcakes Give us the picture and we make it happen (4 Working days notice)   From R 250
Party Packs (Orders only) Plastic Bags   R 10
Pictured Filled Paper Bags   R 12
Pictured Filled Suitcase Boxes   R 20
Pictured Filled Plastic Buckets   R 20
Plain Kiddies Furniture 1 Table & 4 Chairs   R 60
Kiddies Bundle Rental Table Set (1 table) }
  Chair Set (4 Chairs) 1 - 8 kids R 250
  Table Cloths 9 - 16 kids R 350
  Bows 17 - 24 kids R 450
  Slip Covers 25 - 32 kids R 550
Prices includes: Tables, Chairs, Table Cloths, Chair Covers, Chair Bows
Maks of 2 colours allowed.
Colours available:
linen colours
Compulsory Furniture Deposit   R 500
Compulsory Banner / Photo Frame Deposit   R 500
Optional Banner Rental   R 50
Optional Themed Photo frame Rental   R 50
Optional 5 x 5 Ground Cover   R 50
Non Refundable Dry Cleaning Fee 1 - 16 = R50   R 50
Non Refundable Dry Cleaning Fee 17 - 32 = R75   R 75

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